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5 & 5 Time to get back

I've been reading Rachel Hollises book,   Girl, Wash Your Face.  One thing she addresses is what she calls, "5 to Thrive". It' her list of 5 daily things to do for self-care and positivity. Listed as one thing is committing every day to gratitudes and writing them down. As I've done before, I think it's also important to include the lamenting not to complain and wallow in the negative but to get it out so you can move on. So here I am, back after so long to write my 5 & 5 for today. Laments 1. I only got 5 hours of sleep (though I have only myself to blame). 2. I chose poorly and had another scoop of ice cream   (though I have only myself to blame). Seriously, this is all I can think of today. For that I am grateful! Gratitudes 1. Work was busy but not out of control slammed, so the day went quickly. 2. There were no jackass or dumbass clients. No asses today- yay! 3. I got to pet a cute Corgi puppy and cute Maltipoo puppy. 4. After weeks of dangerous air