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Musical Musings

I love musicals and I love listening to soundtracks and cast recordings of musicals. Lately, I’ve been listening to The Sound of Music soundtrack.   It’s fascinating to me how music can trigger such clear strong memories.On this particular soundtrack, I think every song invokes "Something Good".  😉 Indulge me as I break down the songs and memories. They are some of my favorite things. Growing up we had a 7 foot (+?) stereo console. The top lifted up to reveal the radio and record player like this one, though ours had additional wood panels that folded 180˚ to either cover or reveal the front speakers on either end. ( I spent countless hours sitting and belting out in front of a speaker The Bee Gee’s, Olivia Newton-John and Lynda Rondstadt amongst others.)  I remember my mom playing "The Sound of Music" record over and over,  singing along while she worked around the house, blasting it from the console.   Every Easter we would watch the movie