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Sentiment and Nostalgia

I’m feeling very sentimental.   It started when I walked by a campfire. Children (I'm assuming) full of imagination built a firepit on their lawn.  There was a group of fist-sized rocks laid out in a circle about a foot in diameter.  I n the middle, they had placed twigs piled up on each other and topped it off with a little bit of tinder.  I pictured them pretending they were camping, going on adventures and roasting s'mores.    I flashed back to our own backyard to when my kids were younger and the games they would play. Later in the day, Sam’s (the “baby” of our bunch) 5th-grade promotion ceremony  photos come up in my memory feed. Today that kid is a high school junior.   This afternoon I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie. He asked me to pull out some DVDs and then he would pick one from my selections. I chose a variety of genres and he popped in Toy Story.  More emotions, seemingly out of nowhere, started to flood my heart.  (Yes, we still watch actual