Weekend 5&5!

I'm not typically a weekend blogger, but let's face it: I'm not typically a consistent blogger either. Today is marks my first complete week in the NaBloPoMo challenge.  That's saying something for me.. 


1. I'm still fighting sadness and disappointment over my recent, well, disappointment.

2. Schedule conflicts. It just sucks when there are two things really important to you and you have to choose one.

3. It's laundry day.

4. We have a going away party to go to.  It's not that I don't want to be there for a short time to wish him well, it's more that I just don't want to go.

5. The cold season has arrived in our home. 


1. I'm not *stuck* in the sadness like before.  I'm feeling it like I need to so I can move on, but I don't feel such despair.

2. I have gas in the car. 

3. I didn't run out of gas on the freeway, in accident traffic last night. (That really deserves two lines.)

4. We have clothes to wash.

5. I have dinner planned. whew.

How about you?


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