Volunteers Needed

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I have that "On This Day" app installed on facebook. It shows me posts from that same day, going back through all my years on there.  

I read this one today from a post I wrote in 2008 and thought, "Yep. It still holds up." These were the days I would spend about 3 hours in the car, driving 4 kids to & from 3 schools.  I did a lot of driving. 

While I have already procured a friend to touch up any roots, and make sure I have on my favorite lipstick (because, come on, I know what's important), I don't remember anyone volunteering for the latter, so there are still positions available.  

November 13, 2008 

As I was driving to pick up my middle schooler, I noticed a paramedic slowly opening a gurney, with no apparent haste necessary. 

This got me to thinking: Perhaps the person needing the paramedic in the first place, was already dead. 

That realization led me to this:

 When I die, I need a couple people who will help Dale or my kids load me in the back of their car and drive me to the mortuary. I mean really, if I'm slumped over a bit, or even folded into the trunk, what do I care

Save the $1K ambulance ride and buy yourself something nice.


Kathy said…
I will be that friend!

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