The End of NoBloPoMo, the Beginning of Success

This is the part where I want to slip back into being fearful; fearful I will "peter out", quit and ultimately, fail at the goal I set. (I wonder who exactly was responsible for the term, "peter out", and if other Peters after him felt like he gave them the bum deal.)

This goal, if you've followed along, was to participate in NaBloPoMo which to me meant I would be posting daily since that was the challenge.

I've missed some days. Part of me wants to mistreat myself, talk down to myself and tell myself what a loser I am; the old part of me. The healthier part of me (who is winning a little more each day) encourages me. The one or two days I forgot shouldn't be a big deal.  There were days I felt like I had nothing more to offer than what would fit in a facebook post or tweet.  On those days, I chose not to make a separate blog post since I only have 2 followers on my blog and use my facebook to promote what I write anyhow. The bigger accomplishment though, was staying on track and even ahead of things for Thanksgiving and Christmas prep. That was a bigger goal and I've done the best at that this year than years before. I also (mostly) kept up with my normal to-do's of running a household.

I've known my perspective on quitting and failing has needed an overhaul. It's one I've been slowly making, and that...that is a success.

What is a definition of something you need to reframe in your mind, or that you have already?


Unknown said…
Success. Success is making progress, and not only being finished with something. If I make progress, that is just as much a success as finishing.
Alexandra said…
Success is moving one step in the direction of your goal. You've done that. I missed two days during the 30 days... I couldn't get it in, and I could have put a picture up, but decided that my 30 days would be fresh writing. So I would rather have 28 days of that than missing my goal. You reached your goal and next year, you'll go in knowing you've got it in you!

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