I have a 17 year old today.

I've had 2 other 17 year olds, and I'll have one more, but today I have one.

Three of our kids have late fall birthdays, which gave us the choice to start them in school at 4 years old (turning 5 a month or two later) or at 5 going on 6. Every family has reasons they choose what they do: I'm not debating. I know for us; for our family, we made the choice to opt for the latter. 

I look at my 17 year old and am grateful. 
Grateful I had another year of him at home with me before starting school. Grateful he's not graduating this year. Grateful he's a joy to be around. He's the tallest one in our family, which he loves. He has a gentle and kind temperament and has shown incredible grace and maturity towards his pubescent brother. His sense of humor is fabulous and he doesn't riff a lot, but quietly drops clever puns or comments that seemingly come out of nowhere that have us all laughing. 

He's kind. He's a good friend. He's generous.

Happy Birthday 17 year old. My life is better because of you.


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