Needing the Sound of Silence

Hello migraine, my old “friend”
I’ve come to battle you again
Because my vision’s slowly decreasing
You did your deed while I was sleeping
And the stabbing that you planted in my brain
Still remains
I need the sound of silence

In restless states I start to moan
Plans of the day are all now blown
‘Neath the covers without a lamp
Pulled blankie up away from the damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
I felt the bite
I need the sound of silence

And in the dim, low light I saw
An hour pass by, maybe more
People talking, why are they speaking
People should be just whispering
People singing songs they just should not share
At least not here
Disturbed the sound of silence

“Ahhhh” said I, you do not know
Your noise totally blows
Read my lips that I might teach you
Feel my fist that I might reach you
But my fist didn’t help the noise to quell
I begged
Just give me some silence

And the people’s voices raised
In my brain I was crazed
And my fingers flashed out the warning
Of the words my brain was forming
And my mouth said
The words of this woman will bite you to the core
And maybe more
Now whisper’n make the sound of silence


Unknown said…
Oh I'm so glad you can have humor in the horridness of a migraine. I can totally relate to every word!!!

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