Just the 5&5

Nothing fancy today. I'm barely holding it together. The Costco trip today? Fuggedaboutit. 
I need to set a reminder in my iPhone to "Take Xanax" when I arrive at Costco. (I will program each nearby location, even though I'm at the same one 90% of the time.)


1. Going to Costco

2. People turning samples at Costco into block-the-aisles-and-park-lunchtime.

3. Costco changing/discontinuing tried & true items.

4. Rude "customer service" clerks at Costco who act like they are doing you some HUGE favor by accepting your return.

5. Drivers in the Costco parking lot who stalk you for a parking place...even though there are more available a mere 5 slots away.


1. I was able to stave off an anxiety attack at Costco. miraculous.

2. Trader Joes

3. Wood stoves

4. Nala. She snuggled up on me and promptly fell asleep on my stomach.  Just what I needed. 

5. Home delivery (& Curbside): Amazon, grocery stores...wherever.


Unknown said…
Dogs are the best. You might like a book called "Dog Songs" by Mary Oliver. Beautiful poems about all of her dogs.

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