I'm Not Afraid to Fall (repeat)

I've been wanting to blog more regularly for quite a while now. Mental health has been a big part of that to hopefully help others open up and realize they aren't alone. But even though I move "write" from day to day on my to-do list, it just seems like everything else comes first. Sound familiar?  

I think most of us have that thing. I keep hearing from other writers that it will continue to be pushed off unless I actively make sure it doesn't. I guess that's like any priority, right?  It's only really becomes regarded as important when I make the time to do it...and then do it! Whether it's cooking dinner, doing laundry, having lunch with a friend or pursuing something you love to do, there has to be the follow through.

So in honor of BlogHer's yearly #NaBloMoPo campaign (National Blog Posting Month), I''m giving it a shot. If nothing else, it will help create in me more discipline in working towards what I say is important to me. 

In addition, follow through and completion isn't always my greatest strength. Ok, it's definitely the exception when it comes to my personal goals.  True colors here- I'm sure it's the fear of failure that keeps me from finishing.  If I don't finish, there's no actual failing.  I can blame it on so many other things. If I try and fail, I have only myself to blame. 

There's a song by SuperChick that I love, and I think for this month, it needs to be my mantra.  The short version is here. Please kick the link to hear the amazing song that includes the lyrics.

I'm not afraid to fall
It means I climbed up high
To fall is not to fail
You fail when you don't try
Not afraid to fall
I might just learn to fly and
I will spread these wings of mine...
If I get up I might fall back down again
I might fall back down again
We'll just jump and see, even if it's the 40th time
We'll just jump and see if we can fly

Is there something you're afraid of trying or pursuing?
This may not be your NaBloMoPo, but it could be your NoGoFiMo! (November Goal Finishing Month)

Will you join me?  


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