My oldest son started watching Friends on Netflix, and so I've been rewatching it with him. I've caught reruns on tv, but it's been fun for me to watch it with him chronologically.  There are more things from the show than I realized, that have become engrained in my life:

interestingly enough, my teens made up their own, which appropriate or not, I thought was hysterical.

this one we use quite often and it leaves me in tears every time. 

I know it's just TV, but you know what? I like TV.  I love when clever writers, directors, editors, actors, etc. all come together and make something that invokes strong emotions.

If I had to pick back in the 90's, I would have wanted to be Rachel for sure.  After watching it again from the beginning, I think Phoebe totally has the funniest lines. 

What's your favorite FRIENDS memory?


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