My youngest son used to like riding on the freeway with the window down & his head stuck out as far as he could get away with. The wind would be blowing on his face so much, it made me wonder how he could keep his eyes open. 

His smile reflected pure joy.  

When I ask why he liked it so much, he simply said, "Try it, it's fun!". 

My first thought (other than the safety issues if I were the one driving) would be how it would mess up my hair. (If you have any sort of curly hair, you get me.) Immediately my thoughts would turn to wondering when it is we lose that carefree spirit. Some people are good at keeping that through their lives. Typically, I'm not one of them, but I know I've gotten better. I realize (or re-realize) I need to be thoughtful about it. As we mature and deal with financial issues, health crises (our own or someone we love) or other adult responsibilities, it's easy to forget that feeling. 

I don't want to forget.

If you see me come in with my hair looking incredibly wild and a smile on my face, just assume I drove there with my head out the window.

What is keeping you from being carefree?


Joyfull said…
Love it!! Visiting from Blog Her and enjoyed my time here!!

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