5 & 5

Oh boy...  all I really have to say these days is "pthhh".


1. It's like homeowner apocalypse over here. Things are breaking left & right; food is spoiling, leaks are bursting and floors are buckling. Oh there's more broken & on the verge...those are just the highlights. And of course insurance is playing the, "well, we're not sure if that's covered" game. 

2. Welcome to migraine town. I don't know why. (I'm in the beginning stages of figuring it out so yes, I'll get it taken care of) I've only ever had 2 headaches that were what I think were actual migraines. (and let me rabbit trail here. It completely bugs me when people say they have a migraine when it's just a really bad headache.  It's like it degrades what people go through when they've been actual migraine sufferers for years.) Anyhow... in the past 6 weeks now I've had 3. pthhh

3. Meh... 

4. Nothing planned for dinner tonight. I'm still not used to planning without a freezer.

5. Barfing is gross. Always. Forever. Gross. 


1. My husband dropped off a package at the Post Office for me yesterday, so I didn't have to go today.

2. The freezer should be coming this week. Well, I haven't heard, but I'm hopeful.

3. At least when I've been getting these migraines, the nausea stops fairly soon after puke time, which thankfully comes pretty soon after onset. TMI? my blog. :)

4. I still have enough gas in the tank that I don't have to fill up today, and maybe even tomorrow.

5. Voxer. It's a brilliant app, particularly great for introverts.  I love it.

How about you?


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