5 & 5

Look at that...a recent posting and I think I'm prolific as Stephen King. Ok, ok, it's more like procrastinating other tasks. At least this is making me feel a little productive. :)  
On to it then!


1. Our upright freezer broke a couple of weeks ago. It's been a pain to say the least. Not only did we lose food, but trying to find storage for the remaining frozen food has been a whole other issue. 

2. I've been fighting the "meh's".

3. I just had to type the word "it's" nine times. Yes, nine.  DYAC

4. Siri has hated me from the beginning which is fine, because the feeling is mutual. But now, "Hey Google" is starting to mess with me. I was looking for something to post on facebook explaining what I did on Saturday. I did a voice search for "lazy slug", watched the text fill in and then erase and auto (un)correct! WTH!? (FYI - if you aren't familiar with pregnancy, this will enlighten you)(FYI2 - there's no picture) (maybe that will teach me not to be such a lazy slug and manually key things in. nahhh)

5. People say to keep looking for that exercise you LOVE and you'll be hooked...still looking...


1. Family & Friends. Both my parents and my sister & her husband offered their freezer space which is great. Our neighbors also offered. That's been extremely helpful for the things I need through the week.

2. Perspective.  I was commenting (griping) about the pain in the butt this all is, and my 13 year old compassionately said in passing, "I'm sorry this is such an inconvenience mom".  Then it really hit me; that's all it is.  Sure there's a big financial aspect to it all, but none of us has cancer, our house didn't burn down, we still have food to eat, and the list goes on.

3. The new season of Doctor Who is 
in full swing and #12 has found his stride. <3 

4. The broken freezer left me with things semi-defrosted that I needed to use. Dinner planning has been much easier lately.

5. I cleaned the inside of my car this weekend.  So I have a clean car. Yay!


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