There are days I have so many gripes coming off the tip of my tongue, that my list would be more of a 500 & 5 (Thankfully, there are others that are weighted the other way). I mentioned this to a friend, and she shared what she does when she's lying awake in bed.  She uses the alphabet to list things she's thankful for.  Some things are the same every time, such as "a" is always for for her aunt, but other things vary.  It was a great exercise for me and so my gratitudes are my first five:


1. Oh how my eyes are turning against me. Now, I totally understand I have had good eyesight for so long, and have never needed glasses until a couple of years ago.  So yes, I am thankful for that. However, this is still my reality and getting used to it is frustrating and annoying.

2. The crackle I hear in my knees.  (Ok, I wasn't starting out to have an age related theme here, but I see how these two make it sound like it.) Note to self: must start taking glucosamine.

3. Selfish Selfensteins who continue to turn left out of the school parking lot each morning/afternoon when it is CLEARLY marked NO LEFT TURN during those hours. (Horns are appropriate on these occasions.)

4. School vacations are over until summer vacation starts.

5. Dog fur...dog fur...dog fur...


a. Avocados...especially when they are affordable

b. Bible. I take it for granted, but I'm thankful for the truth, encouragement and guidance it provides.

c. Cars that work.  Before we saved up for our Yukon, we were squeaking the last of the van's life out of her.  The last couple of years were rough, and the very last one included trips to the mechanic every other month.  I am so very grateful to have a reliable, running vehicle.

d. Dale

e. Entertainment.  I love tv, movies, magazines, audiobooks, music and books.
(Oh the horrors, I'm not afraid to say, traditional books are last.)


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