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Blah... That's how I feel at the moment. The digitizing of life: streamlining things to make it faster and easier... is never as simple as I expect. I've gone through shock, despair and anger and settled today on blah.

I learned the hard way to BACK UP MY CRAP! About 5 years ago, when my old laptop died, I was devastated to lose all of my digital photos.  I may have even sobbed off & on for a few days. Thankfully, my brother-in-law took pity on me and worked his IT magic to restore them all. Yay!!!  Since then, I have been a huge proponent, loudly when I can (even if that's just ALL CAPS), for people to BACK UP YOUR CRAP! 

Now, I use an online cloud backup that doesn't cost an arm (let alone an arm, leg & spleen like iCloud) that backs up every night.  I also use Time Machine, though honestly, I don't quite have as much confidence in that...I'm not sure why. I also use an additional external drive for just my photo library.  You see, I've learned my lesson. 

Unfortunately somewhere along the way, I created two iPhoto libraries. I must have "pointed" iPhoto to the external library one time and started working from there. When that was disconnected, it used the library on the computer. (I wondered why I kept getting the "rebuilding library" notice.  I haven't made it a priority to go through the folders and copy over the ones that weren't duplicated. 

I use the cloud daily because it's set up automatically.  For some reason the Time Machine drive got "full" (even though it's supposed to delete the oldest one). When I made it a priority last week to get back on the ball with my external drives, I decided to just wipe the "full" Time Machine drive and start new. (cue music..."wah wahhhh"). I'm pretty sure I lost the unduplicated pictures in the iPhoto library that I forgot to copy over. 

It's just so frustrating...the irritating quirks of the maintenance of life. I'll look to see if I have those photos...later.


1. Time lost due to technology issues.

2. Photos (potentially) lost due my error.

3. I have to get up at 5am tomorrow. ugh. 

4. I re-injured my tailbone. It makes doing Stupid Yoga™ (one of the lowest rated exercise on the Suck Meter) very difficult. 

5. People who tell me to "Have a nice/good day!". Oh...I was having an awful day, but since you said so...


1. Memories and time with people are more important that photos. (repeat to self)

2. All the wonderful things technology brings: connecting with people in a click of a button is only one.

3. How many times can I list my dog? Her unconditional love, her soft fur that really is therapeutic for me to pet and her sweet temperament.

4. There are only 19 days left until summer vacation (12 school days)!

5. I know what's for dinner tonight. 

Have the day you have!


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