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Jumping In

A day turns into a week, a week turns into a month, and so on. I've said it before. I can't seem to get all my ducks on a row at the same time. Sure, when I stay focused, I'm really productive, but there's always something left behind.  People often liken a busy life to having a full plate. The thing is, we all have different sized plates.  While some may be able to physically and mentally manage a dinner plate, others have salad plates, chargers, platters or maybe even a teacup saucer.  I think I'm in the salad plate category with a dinner plate of stuff, and right now, there's not anything that can really change about that. So, as things are piled on the plate, the stuff at the bottom is left undone.  Sometimes the items shift, but there's always something left at the bottom. (sheesh, if I could only grasp the idea of really eating this way!)       I was really focused on staying ahead of the game through the holidays, and I did.  It was probably the