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Strike! (or It's More Than Just the Turkey)

I was lamenting on facebook about how I was thinking of going on strike again. Yes, again. I actually did once.   At first I thought that if I stopped doing the things I did for the kids, eventually they would get the hint. (They didn't.) I stopped doing the dishes. I stopped doing their laundry. I stopped making their lunches. I even stopped asking them to clean their room.  That one in particular surprised me.  I never thought I'd do that, but I also never pictured having three boys share one room. I also never grew up around boys and didn't realize the level of mess in which they will survive. I would still make dinner, and serve my husband, but they had to set their own place. I did everything I could so that it didn't impact him. It didn't work.  I don't know if they really got the concept, and I was freaking out inside over the mess. I don't remember exactly how it was resolved. I think I had them help me clean it up, but it certainly di
This is from about a year ago.  Thankfully I'm not quite in that space, but dealing with a new medication and the weather/light change has me a bit "off". What Not to do When You're Fighting Depression Block out the natural light. Make snarky Facebook comments Make F acebook posts about depression. Go on Facebook Watch a movie about the Holocaust.

Make 'Em Laugh (then Bring Tissue and Chocolate)

Maybe there was more to Red Skelton's sad clown paintings than just paintings of sad clowns.  My grandfather liked his paintings and I never understood why.  Why would a clown be so sad? I get it now though.  It seems that the ones who make us laugh the hardest, are often those who are most afflicted. In this case, with depression. I watched a video clip yesterday of an interview with Wayne Brady. His has a lightning quick wit that makes me laugh out loud as one of the stars on  Whose Line Is It Anyway.  He also is the host of Let's Make A Deal.  In the interview, he opened up about his struggle with depression.   He has also shared how Robin Williams' death prompted him to open up. We have to keep talking about this.  We have to keep breaking the cycle of shame and silence.  I think it's even more impactful that he is talking about this as a man.   Postpartum depression, in my opinion, has become a little  more accepted. I still think most peo