5 & 5


1. My son is home sick.  
2. Some days I feel like I'm overwhelmed & drowning. Chores, paperwork, finances, and an endless to do list. Today This week is one of those. 
3. I haven't exercised in 2 weeks and feel like a slug.
4. I kill plants. (yet I still try)
5. Parents that hold up the drop off line while waiting to make an illegal left across traffic.


1. The Giants WON!! Oh my what fun I've had watching this series, and especially last night's nail biter of a game. 
2. Even though my son has a slight fever and is sick enough not to go to school, he's not too sick that we can't enjoy hanging out together. 
3. Dwight K. Schrute
4. Our pup pup. She will be on many gratitude lists.  I know having her has helped with my depression over the past few years. 
5. Our family had a ton of fun celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday this week. 


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