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I recently had a great opportunity to visit a friend from high school, who now lives in Florida. There were 5 of us all together, and all friends from high school. A few of them even go back to elementary school or earlier!

This was a list I made after traveling.

1. Time together with long time friends ending
2. Airplane seats
3. Middle airplane seats
4. Mosquitoes (though thankfully, it's a "thing" in Florida to have screened in 
    pool areas/patio/decks.  We hung out and it's just the one errant bugger that           somehow got in and of course, found me. 
5. People leaving one of something so they don't have to replace/refill it and then     you are the "lucky one" who gets 3 things in a row to refill/replace. 
    (this was not a vacation lament)

1. Coming home to family (and a tidy house!!!)
2. Good coffee
3. Getting to fly across the country to see friends
4. Flip flop tan lines
5. Pets

Chime in with yours!


Julie Mack said…
Lament: Sticking to vacation theme, I just got back from NYC and Connecticut yesterday
1) NYC traffic
2) honking cars
3) jay walkers who have a death wish
4) being thirsty beyond the little cup they offer on the plane
5) v.e.r.y strong coffee at the hotel

1) Seeing Michael
2) My Ritz Carlton surprise one night stay
3) Complimentary glass of champagne at the check-in counter, I don't like champagne normally but this was the best glass I've ever tasted
4) Central Park views
5) Dinner at Club A Steakhouse with live two piece music
5a) Do I have to stop at 5? sooooo much more. Went to Connecticut at saw parents and sister.
Anonymous said…

1. Not being able to leave on an earlier flight due to work
2. Getting stuck in Newark overnight
3. Not enough sleep
4. Too little time to spend with cool people!
5. Not wrestling the gator

1. Getting to spend time with really great people that I didn't know very well, and getting to know them better
2. Laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants. Lots of times.
3. Eating REALLY yummy food
4. Drinking WAY too much
5. One of the best vacations ever!

Love, Shelly :)
Tawn said…
Awww! thanks for the comment. By the way, I took care of #2 for you. ;)
Tawn said…
Julie, that sounds awesome!

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