5 & 5

I often feel a twinge of guilt when writing my 5&5. "You have so much to be thankful for!" are the words I hear over & over or, "First world problems"...While this is true, the reality is there are also cruddy things that happen. Often, in order to truly be thankful, you need to first acknowledge the crud. And while my problems are not the same as someone in another country, or perhaps, even in another zip code, they are still the issues I'm dealing with, and therefore have merit. 

1. My middle schooler's moods. I get it, adolescence is tough. But it's tough for the parents too. I love my kids and it's hard to have them pull away, even though I know it's good.

2. The 10# I lost, I've put back on. Again.

3. Being a parent who tries to stay engaged as a parent. It's oh, so worth it, but oh, so hard.

4. I have to go to Costco in the next day or two...

5. It's dang hot! (and while this isn't weather related, saying, "hot" makes me think of this classic: yhoo.it/1vIhzUm )

1. I'm thankful that we live close to family. What good is being family if you can't help each other out and have each other's backs.

2. Good TV. Seriously. I enjoy stories told well, whether dramatic or funny.

3. Pets. They are a comfort and joy. They help with depression and loneliness. They are awesome. 

4. I'm thankful I have friends that make me laugh, and friends I can make laugh. 

5. That even though it's been hot this weekend, I live in a climate that is really mostly awesome. (And as charming as snow is, I don't think I'd do well living in it.)

What are you dealing with today? Good, bad, whatever? It's all valid.


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