Sunday 5 & 5


1. Oh My gosh... the shelf with my tupperware/food storage containers. It's a black hole (or triangle). I organize it, others unorganize it and it's almost impossible to find anything.

2. The neighbor who had his RV A/C running almost 24 hours. (I can't handle the constant noise)

3. Damp bathrooms showers that are impossible to keep clean.

4. Ants. I hate them.

5. Our driveway. It's a tandem style so we're constantly jockeying cars, and it's rock.


1. All 6 of us were home for dinner tonight.

2. AND since we were all here, we got to catch up on the new season of Doctor Who!

3. I've had the motivation lately to tackle some very small but annoying home improvement tasks that have made life a bit more enjoyable.

4. My Kirby vacuum rules. 

5. Flamingos. They are pretty and make me smile.

How about you?  Any gripes you need to vent?  Anything you're particularly thankful for today?

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