5&5 timing

I find my timing to be wonky on posting these.  I usually do my 5&5 at night, before bed. And I usually go to bed way too late. So I decided I'll still write them at night as usual, but then I'll repost in the morning. Just in case you were wondering. 

1. That 80's rock includes Bill Seger. 
2. That videos that old remind me of *just* how much weight I've gained in 28 years. yeesh
3. Neighbor friends who move away. 
4. That I can make a comparison including the words "28 years"!
5. Headaches

1. For (non-satellite) radio stations that still play 80's rock. 
2. For old video tapes that remind me of good times and old friends, some of whom I still am in touch with. 
3. Neighbors who are also friends. 
4. For Netflix. It's just so cool!
5. Advil and ice packs


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