Drive-Thru Fun or How to Mess With A Middle Schooler

Last night we went to Honors night at my youngest son's middle school. He started the evening a little disappointed since none of his siblings were able to attend.

Because of the timing, he was able to still make it to Wednesday night youth group, but had left home early enough that he hadn't had dinner. I remembered a coupon I had in my purse from the BlogHer blogging conference I went to this summer. We don't eat out a lot, so anything is usually a treat. But this was for a McDonald's Happy Meal.  I can't remember the last time I bought a Happy Meal. I mean, we've stopped at McDonald's on occasion if we're traveling, but even that had lost it's charm after the whole "pink slime" issue (and which, after looking for a link to help educate those unfamiliar with it, I am sad to see it's making a comeback).

I asked my son if he wanted it and he smiled and seemed suddenly glad he was the only one in the car with us. As we approached the window, my husband asked if he wanted to order. When my son said no, that's all my husband needed to hear. He began to talk with the drive thru attendant as loudly as he could, and as slow as he could without causing suspicion, but making sure she was probably rolling her eyes. He asked questions about the Happy Meal as if he had never been to a McDonald's. 

     Husband: Ahhhh, oh. I'm ready to order now.

     Drive-Thru employee: Yes sir, go ahead.

     H: Ahhhh, do you have Happy Meals?

     DTe: Yes, we do.

     H: What kind of Happy Meals do you have?

     DTe: lists every type of Happy Meal

     H: Ahhhh, ok. I'll have the McDouble. Does that come with french fries?

     DTe: Yes sir.

     H:  Ahhhh, ok. I'll have some fries with that. 

     DTe:  Would you like apple slices or yogurt?

     H: Ahhhh, apple slices. (son not knowing there were 3 apple slices in the bag)

     DTe: What would you like to drink?

     H: Ahhhh, what are the choices? Is there soda? (right now DTe was thankful          she didn't have to list every drink available)

     DTe: Yes

     H: Coke, I'll take a coke please.

     DTe: Is this for a girl or for a boy?

     H: This is for a boy.

     DTe: ok, is there anything else?

     H: Ahhhh, yeah. I have another question. Do you guys sell Unhappy Meals?

     DTe:  excuse me?

     H: I was wondering if you sold Unhappy Meals, like if I were sad. 

     DTe: (breaks and starts to laugh) No, no we don't.

     H: Awww....ok, no Unhappy Meals.

     DTe: No, (still laughing) we're only happy here. 

     H: Ok, that's it then.

Meanwhile, I'm laughing and my son is in the back seat, mortified. He has changed into a more casual shirt and his dress shirt is draped over his face. (Kinda like that drive-thru prank where the driver is disguised as a seat, but my son's black clothes didn't totally blend into the grey seats.)

                         (mom-is-not-an-artist's rendering)

My husband drives around the corner and the Drive-Thru employee greets him with a big smile. (son is still covered) As we drive away, my son opens the Happy Meal and checks the toy. NOT for a boy. 
But perfect to add to the messing with a middle schooler. 


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