Today's 5 & 5

5 & 5

So when I first started blogging 10 years ago, it was an anonymous, but online journal. At the time I was seeing a therapist and we talked about a gratitude journal. But she also recognized the importance of identifying the crappy parts of the day too. So I started the "5 & 5" as a way to list the complaints of the day, and then end with the gratitude. Often then will be related (see #1), but sometimes, they stand alone.  

In time, I began to write more and do less 5 & 5, but I always come back to it. Especially when I find myself lamenting more than being thankful. I want to be able to give each their due, but keep it in balance. So while I've been doing this off & on for a decade, here's my first 5 & 5 to share. 

Today's 5 & 5

1. People who leave empty gas tanks for others.
2. I was clearly a dingbat and blocked a driveway (on private property when no one was around) and was reading a text. When I looked up after about 10 seconds, there was a car behind me and in front of me. I wide-eyed said, "I'm so sorry!" and she scowled at she's the dingbat. 
3. My friend is at a memorial supporting her friend. The young adult son accidentally OD'd. It makes me so sad for them all. And made me think of this brilliant blog post by renegademama: We don't start with needles in our arms.

That's about it!  today was a really good day.

1. That I have a car to drive.
2. All my family people were home for a lot of the day. I <3 them.
3. I got to talk with a lot of my favorite people today, both in person and via text.
4. I'm really thankful for technology.  I mean, it causes problems, but the fact that I am able to have on the go, through the day, stop and go conversations with friends in Hawaii to Florida is both fascinating and gives me pause to be grateful.
5. My iPhone calendar. I know there are many digital calendar options. I say find the one that works for you and stick with that. But having one that reminds me of the things that are both important and trivial, but require remembering...I am thankful!

How was your day?


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