5 & 5

1. Selfish drivers. (I could list this one in varying incarnations on every 5 & 5!)
2. Rude pedestrians. ("You know we're living in a society!" Bonus points if you know where that quote is from.
3. Headaches: big ones, small ones, half head ones, side head ones, front head ones, neck ones...
4. Finances
5. Having to weigh risks (death by rash?) against benefits (no debilitating depression) when you consider medications.

1. I have never hit a pedestrian, kid or otherwise. It's one of my worst fears driving around schools especially.
2. My dog. Such a sweet love who wants to hang out & cuddle.
3. I have a reliable car that I like.
4. Friends who are willing to help answer all sorts of questions on topics where my knowledge is limited.
5. My husband is a good, good man. I'm thankful he chooses me every day.

How was your day?


Ann said…
My day was ok. My nerves are really jangled about a work thing that I can't stop obsessing about. I HAVE TO focus on all the blessings: healthy kids, wonderful hubby, great job, wonderful new church.

Thank you for posting. You inspire me to get out of myself, which is the fundamental problem. Too much focus on me.

Senniegal said…
I want you to keep posting Tawn. And I love your photo of your N. Mason just thought it was G.!!! LOL Sorry to hear you have a rash. I much experience with that! ugh!

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