5 & 5


1. SO MANY €#%£ BAD DRIVERS! A guy was behind me and started merging into me. Thankfully my HORN told him to stop.
2. Working on the computer makes my hand & wrist hurt, but I have so much work to do involving the computer.
3. Frikken Comcast and their "customer service" -not
4. I'm feeling a big lack of energy.
5. I'm so tired of battling with my weight. 

1. I met a neighbor who loves working on vintage stoves and he happily came over to fix a problem with my oven.
2. I'm so thankful for my dog, Nala, everyday. She has brought love & live to our family in lots of situations, and has been therapeutic for my depression.
3. I'm getting to bed before 10 tonight! (We'll see if that really pans out)
4. I'm thankful I have a working washer, dryer and dishwasher.
5. After finishing Community college and earning her AA, My daughter had her first day at the university she's looked forward to for so long. 

Feel free to share things for your day!


Anonymous said…
Laments: 1) gobs of catalogs in the mail 2) contractors that are cheats and liars 3) 14 year olds who roll their eyes 4) my energy level is down this week 5) Chocolate is the enemy
Gratitudes: 1) keeping my temper down on the phone to catalog companies 2) Holding my tongue and inner venoms when talking to contractors 3) walking away from a 14 year old when all I want to do is slap her into next week 4) Having an able body to work out and do errands and housework 5) I've found true love at age 50
Love you Tonya, Julie Mack
Tawn said…
and this is why I love my 5 & 5! You can gripe - because we need to gripe! But then you can end it with the good things and focus on those. I loved them all, but #5 makes my heart happy for you! Thanks for commenting!

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