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Fighting that “less than” feeling

I ’m sitting at my 10 year old laptop that has been resuscitated multiple times. It’s janky, it’s dying, it’s slow… My son is in the living room with his friend. He’s an only child with two highly (my impression) educated parents. They seem wealthy, at least to me.  I’ve been trying to bang out sale & coupon lists for the past 3 hours to buy groceries. The house really is depleted at this point. There’s some yogurt, oats and some limp celery. Oh, and plenty of condiments...but not much of anything to make any sort of a meal.  My offering for lunch today was “tortilla pizzas” or bean burritos…  I picture friend’s house. Snacks & food galore...and not just your run of the mill chips & soda. No, healthy AND tasty snacks from Whole Foods (that cost 4x the snacks I buy). Dinners of organic, grass-fed, pastured beef and dairy.  Free-range, organic chicken. Organic, organic, organic. I had coffee with friend’s mom a couple years ago. They had recently moved to the a