5 & 5

Going through patches of awfulness while parenting an adult child...

1. It feels like I will never have time alone again. For this introvert, not getting to recharge sucks royally. Now I have 2 graduated from High school and those college schedules are all over the board.
2. Summer will be mostly held hostage by the consequences of one "adult" child's actions.
3. Feeling pretty lonely lately.  One of my best friends moved far away. It's for all the right, wonderful reasons, to be close to her grandkids. But I miss her. I wasn't really letting myself feel it until she actually left.  Now I'm feeling it. A lot.
4. I had four other friends cancel on me with plans this week.  Just feeling dogged.
5. I'm still freaking fat!

1. I and my family are healthy
2. As much as it sucks, we were diligent to save our tax return, and at least have the money to build a room for Son 1.
3. I washed the drapes in 2 rooms.  The house smells fresh and the dust is gone!
4. I am loving my Bullet Journal system.
5. I do have friends I can reach out to for prayer & support.

night night


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