Weekend 5&5

Boy are my titles creative, no?
We just came home from a great long weekend away as a family. We've had such a busy summer and it was so different from my expectations coming into it. (have I griped about this already?) Suffice it to say, the 4 nights away were what we all needed. But coming home to reality sucks whether it's just an over night trip, or 10 days...

1, 2 & 3. I came home to find a $250 bill from the lab I took kitten to before we left. All the kids had physicals, and vaccine updates. My daughter has complained of being tired & having headaches, and since I have a gluten allergy/intolerance/whatever I asked for her to be tested for Celiac. The Dr. said she'd also test her thyroid & I thought she said iron. I figured that meant all the usual stuff.
1. Was I surprised to some home and read the lab description: Chlamydia!! Um - no way am I paying for that. Either a) the Dr. ordered that without my consent and since my daughter is not sexually active she's not going to have an STD or b) when the lab tech rewrote the lab paper he misunderstood Celiac to be Chlamydia. Either way, someone else is paying for that!
2. The lab paperwork stated that our insurance denied payment saying the patient was not an eligible member at time of service. UH! Then I opened the insurance benefit explanation to read the same thing! UH!
3. Now I need to call out insurance broker and figure all this crap out.

4. Something is going on and I am feeling incredibly hormonal/emotional/wigged out. I am so sick of my bodily chemicals betraying me.

5. I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff to do before school starts.

Gratitudes: (I thought I should end on the positive)

1. For the beautiful camping trip on a nice lake with beautiful weather and minimal bugs!

2. Healthy kids

3. For the moment, technology here seems to be working

4. We came home to a secure house. No theft, fire, etc.

5. Coffee

THIS JUST IN! Ok...so I called the insurance broker who was disgusted at the insurance company. She asked me to fax in the paperwork & she would take care of it (YAY!)

When I called the Dr. office and looked again at the date - this was not the bloodwork lab stuff. This was on the urine culture the Dr. took for what I assumed was to check iron levels like my boys - NOT to check for STD. I will not be paying for that. I'm waiting to hear back from their office. pfff


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