My daughter was in a car accident yesterday. She was turning left on an unprotected green. The car is most likely totaled.
BUT MY KIDS ARE OK. I get that. and then, I settle in and think what the heck. We can't afford another car. We can't afford to get it fixed. We can't afford the insurance hike if we were to make a claim.

We try so hard to be responsible with our money and sometimes I feel like - for what. We scraped up enough to buy this great deal of a car so we could have 2 cars... to buy it, to register it, to insure it, for what? for 9 months?

A friend of mine sent this link to this song

I know the Lord loves me. And there are SO MANY what if's... IF she had been a few feet farther, the other driver would have t-boned right into son1. IF there had been a pedestrian....etc. I am truly thankful that no one was hurt. and then I just don't get it...

1. Can't afford a new car
2. Can't afford to fix the car
3. Can't afford our insurance to go up even if we were to make a claim
4. There's a huge additional load put back on me as far as driving. Not just school, I actually like that...but everything. Anything she wants to do. And the year long theatre commitment she & Son1 are in with late night rehearsals & performances...
5. I feel pretty alone at church. A lot of it is me, I know that. On the other hand, people don't know how to keep confidences, and I'm not willing to risk loose lips with my personal stuff.

1. Daughter is ok
2. Son1 is ok
3. No one else was hurt in the accident
4. Hubby was home so I didn't have to go take care of this alone
5. We had a fun family day today for the last day of summer vacation. We took a bike ride to a great park, payed in a creek (well, the boys did), rode back, had dinner in the park we started the ride from.

I love my family


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