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My daughter was in a car accident yesterday. She was turning left on an unprotected green. The car is most likely totaled. BUT MY KIDS ARE OK. I get that. and then, I settle in and think what the heck. We can't afford another car. We can't afford to get it fixed. We can't afford the insurance hike if we were to make a claim. We try so hard to be responsible with our money and sometimes I feel like - for what. We scraped up enough to buy this great deal of a car so we could have 2 cars... to buy it, to register it, to insure it, for what? for 9 months? A friend of mine sent this link to this song I know the Lord loves me. And there are SO MANY what if's... IF she had been a few feet farther, the other driver would have t-boned right into son1. IF there had been a pedestrian....etc. I am truly thankful that no one was hurt. and then I just don't get it... Laments: 1. Can't afford a new car 2. Can't afford to fix the ca

Weekend 5&5

Boy are my titles creative, no? We just came home from a great long weekend away as a family. We've had such a busy summer and it was so different from my expectations coming into it. (have I griped about this already?) Suffice it to say, the 4 nights away were what we all needed. But coming home to reality sucks whether it's just an over night trip, or 10 days... Laments: 1, 2 & 3. I came home to find a $250 bill from the lab I took kitten to before we left. All the kids had physicals, and vaccine updates. My daughter has complained of being tired & having headaches, and since I have a gluten allergy/intolerance/whatever I asked for her to be tested for Celiac. The Dr. said she'd also test her thyroid & I thought she said iron. I figured that meant all the usual stuff. 1. Was I surprised to some home and read the lab description: Chlamydia!! Um - no way am I paying for that. Either a) the Dr. ordered that without my consent and since my daught