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Ms. Inconsistent

Ya see? Ahh, oh well. I have been consumed with technology failing me left and right. And it's one thing that leads to another that leads to another and then none of them are working. Add to that a house full of kids who are not in school and my time is not my own. But, I press on for the 5 & 5 for today. Gratitude: 1. I love everything David Lebovitz writes. Recipes, memoirs, tweets... 2. Good friends 3. That I live in California 4. Forgiveness & whomever is bestowing it. 5. Spiders who eat bugs Laments: 1. Oh why do I utterly hate to exercise! 2. Technology that doesn't work!!!!!!! 3. How bad I am to myself & don't get the sleep I need. 4. People who let the screen door SLAM! 5. Having to take medication...and it makes my balance wonky. (hello doorjamb)