Wed. 5&5

Oh so much to tired to write


1. Technology Hell. AT&T owes me time back on my life.
2. Daughter's mood lately. I feel so distant from her.
3. No matter how much I tend to my feet with loofah, files and heavy cream, my heels crack & the balls/big toes of my feet are rough as sandpaper. Damn that love for barefootedness
4. My hair is behaving badly
5. My mother comments inappropriately on my Facebook stuff. Maybe not inappropriately, but unnecessarily and awkwardly for sure.


1. Son2was particularly lovey & snuggly tonight.
2. I'm getting to bed before 11.
3. The weather has cooled a bit.
4. The library system is a great thing.
5. My mother in law is not on Facebook.


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