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Are we having fun yet? Laments: 1. AT&, internet, wireless. I hate them. We dumped DSL, downgraded the home phone as cheap as we could, and I have 1 year left on my wireless. We've been paying for the top tier of DSL. It was never stellar, but I hate calling on that stuff. Finally it was SO bad that I called. Guy #1 came out to "fix" it. (mind you I had to commit to a 12 hour window. 12! 8am-8pm) He said nothing was wrong, and for the rest of that afternoon, it was faster. (plus he came before 5pm!) Then it slowed again. I called again, and a week later (same 12 hour window) another tech came. He did a bunch more, found some problems, blah, blah, blah...and "fixed" it. That was Saturday. DSL worked about a day and then slowed to a crawl - PLUS our phone was out. I won't go into the phone calls and the people I talked to who blatantly lied to me, but another tech came out today. He replaced a jack and now all is well. Seems as th

Wed. 5&5

Oh so much to tired to write Laments: 1. Technology Hell. AT&T owes me time back on my life. 2. Daughter's mood lately. I feel so distant from her. 3. No matter how much I tend to my feet with loofah, files and heavy cream, my heels crack & the balls/big toes of my feet are rough as sandpaper. Damn that love for barefootedness 4. My hair is behaving badly 5. My mother comments inappropriately on my Facebook stuff. Maybe not inappropriately, but unnecessarily and awkwardly for sure. Gratitudes: 1. Son2was particularly lovey & snuggly tonight. 2. I'm getting to bed before 11. 3. The weather has cooled a bit. 4. The library system is a great thing. 5. My mother in law is not on Facebook.


Laments: 1. H O T 2. I feel pretty hopeless about my in-law situation. 3. That I can be so damn critical. 4.I seriously think a friend of mine might have a hoarding issue :/ 5. Miss Pretty Pretty, my MacBook, is acting funny. Gratitudes: 1. I had a fun day with James today. 2. We have food & are far from starving 3. I have a/c in my bedroom 4. I get to sleep in tomorrow...well, today 5. I just bought a new cookbook that I had checked out from the library. I already made the lemon frozen yogurt and boy was it amazing! Nighty night.

5 & 5 is back

I've made notes to myself over & over about how I need/want to get back to the 5&5 that I originally wrote when I started blogging. I love writing, and want to blog regularly - but it seems at the end of the day I am just so depleted of energy, that it gets pushed off with the other things I am procrastinating. So for now, I think I'll try to concentrate on the 5&5, and if and when I am so moved to write more, I will :) Laments: 1. I am so worn out, fed up and overwhelmed with the impact that having Bipolar Disorder has on me & my family (because yes, they carry the burden too) 2. I've gained at least 15# back of the 55# I've lost. (ok "lost" is such a lame term. I didn't lost it, with great effort, I pushed that shit off my body) I am also overwhelmed with the constant, daily, minute-by-minute struggle/battle/obsession with weight & food. 3. The hubby & I have plans to get away this weekend. This isn't so much