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originally published Oct 6, 2008 Such a sweet face, and a sweet dog. Except when other dogs are around. We picked out Bodhi from the pound 9 1/2 years ago.  We could always remember how old he was because he was about 6 (human) months younger than our third child. Even in puppy training, he always wanted to be the boss of the other dogs.  But he was still social.  I would take him to the dog park, the baby strapped on me in the sling, and let him play. But he still wanted to be the boss of them. And then somehow, he got the notion that our house needed protecting from the strangers & their dogs walking by. A couple of years ago there was a man walking his dog past our house.  Unfortunately, the front door had been left open and Bodhi bolted out, running straight for the other dog.  Being the smart, level-headed cookie that I am, I got in the middle to pull him away and back into the house.   This was a wake up call.  All the what-if's came into pla